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Owl Nocturne in Sterling Silver and Green Demantoid Garnet - Sample Sale

Owl Nocturne in Sterling Silver and Green Demantoid Garnet - Sample Sale

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This Owl Nocturne Ring has been hand carved in wax then cast in sterling silver. Its eyes are set with green demantoid garnet and finished in a blacked noir silver to contrast the feather details.

All proceeds from this ring will be donated to The Educational Trust. This organization is a national nonprofit that works to close opportunity gaps that disproportionately affect students of color and students from low-income families. Through their research and advocacy, Educational Trust supports efforts that expand excellence and equity in education from preschool through college, increase college access and completion particularly for historically underserved students, engage diverse communities dedicated to education equity, and increase political and public will to act on equity issues.

Owls are associated with transition, mystery, wisdom, and even secrets.

In ancient Egyptian, Celtic, and Hindu cultures, the symbolism of the owl took form around guardianship of the underworlds, and the protection of the dead. Within this, they were seen as a ruler of the night and seer of souls.

The Native Americans associated the owl with deep wisdom, foresight and seen as an oracle of secret knowledge.

It was also fabled in medieval times in Europe that priestesses and wizards took the form of an owl and considered them a familiar to them.

These creatures of the night have powerful talons and are very quiet in flight compared to other birds of prey making them excellent hunters. A group of owls is called parliament and can rotate their necks at 270 degrees.