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Manifesting a Unique Vision for One-of-a-Kind Creations

"A brilliant woman, Eleanor Roosevelt, once said, “ Certain things will catch your eye. Pursue only those that capture your heart”. Those are words I thought I lived by and probably repeated a number on times in passing, but not until the day I met my fiancée, When I decided to finally propose, I was “that person” the one that didn’t have a ring in hand. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to have one ready. It was because there wasn’t a ring worthy of the love of my life. That’s when I decided to commission Kris to make the rings for me and my love, to adorn for the rest of our lives. I’m a craftsman and artist and I wouldn’t trust anyone with that task except for Kris.

As a LGBT couple it’s not easy to find rings that will match our individual styles. Most generic engagement rings cater to couples that really aren’t us. After having several conversions about my fiancée general interest and style, Kris gathered the appropriate information and was able to design exactly what my fiancée’s heart and I desired. Throughout the process, Kris was very thoughtful about my input and open to my ideas. She respected my visions without compromising quality, design, and technical stability. I wanted the designs to be hand engraved and Kris was not just willing, but very supportive of working with other artists.

She is very professional and hands-on from the beginning to the end. As a watchmaker and working in the jewelry/luxury line profession for over 25 years, I can confidently say her craftsmanship is immaculate. So my fiancée and I “Pursued what captured our hearts“ the rings designed by Kris."

"I approached Kris Harvey with a request to make a wedding ring that I could love instead of a generic band. I had a general idea of what I wanted but it was a fragmented set of components and didn't make a cohesive idea. I knew I wanted a rough cut stone, for the ring to look like vines, branches, or twigs, for the metal to be silver (in color), and for it to be delicate but not soft (even at the time I didn't know what that meant). Kris saw the potential in the nonsense I was saying and ran with it. When she sent me the sketches of my options, I burst into tears because one of them was more perfect than I could have imagined. A few weeks later I had my wedding ring and I am completely in love with it."

"It was such a pleasure working with an artist like Kris! My late Aunt had left me her beautiful and quite large gold and diamond ring that I wanted to make into two identical rings, one for me and one for my sister…. I had been looking for someone for quite a long time and just couldn’t find the right artist… until I met Kris. I really wasn’t sure what I wanted… and Kris designed these gorgeous rings! She is amazing and so easy to work with…We have gotten so many compliments… My sister and I thank you so very much!"

"Kris is an absolute superstar when it comes to custom bespoke work. As a fellow designer, an architect, I have my own standards that Kris exceeds with ease. She knows her craft inside and out, listens to ideas, speaks the language of jewelry in such as way that both the expert and inexperienced will understand and has a passion that burns brightly.

In what you might think would be a stressful experience, Kris makes it an enjoyable, fun, entertaining one. This is now my second project I have collaborated with her, and I am sure there will be more. If you are looking for someone for bespoke designs who will deliver, Aetheria Jewel has my vote.

"When we contacted Kris, My wife and I had a rough vision for our wedding bands. Kris made sure our expectations were envisioned and then surpassed. Working with her every step of the way, we really felt the passion and care that she gave for our wedding bands. Kris is meticulous, talented, and very experienced. We are proud that she was able be a part of our matrimony, and for making stunning rings that will be cherished for a lifetime."

"Kris Harvey did an amazing job with my custom ring. I was having a hard time finding the right jeweler, definitely was the right choice. From the concept process to the end, Kris made me feel comfortable and confident with my purchase, she talked me through every detail, with her expert opinion sprinkled in throughout. In the end, I could not have been happier with the final piece, I plan on going back to Kris Harvey for any custom jewelry purchases in the future."

"I could not have asked for a better experience with Aetheria Jewel! I commissioned to have a custom ring made as a gift for a friend, and Kris was nothing but patient and attentive during the entire process. She was more than willing to answer every question I asked and always presented me various options during the design process to make sure the ring came out exactly how I imagined. Even after the design was finalized and my part of the process was finished, Kris kept me up to date with where she was in the making process. She was even kind enough to expedite the shipping of the ring to make sure my friend received her gift in time! The final ring came out stunning and my friend absolutely loved it. I have nothing but positive things to say about Aetheria Jewel and I'm extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Kris on such a special project!"